Swoon-worthy: Taylor Swift’s Gucci Gown at the 2014 Grammys

Swoon-worthy: Taylor Swift's Gucci Gown at the 2014 Grammys

Agreeably Katy Perry’s musical note tulle gown and Beyonce’s sheer/nude/white organza dress gained a lot of attention. But my absolute favorite was Taylor Swift’s gold sequin Gucci number. It’s a column number with short allusion sleeves. She looks incredibly statuesque and elegant in it with smokey eyes and a wavy ponytail.

What Can You Tell From One’s Expressions?

Facial expressions can say so much about what a person is feeling. In fact, humans have learned to become attuned to such cues in interaction with others. We are capable of picking up very subtle signs, such as detecting when someone is lying. Here are some basic facial expressions from celebs. Can you guess what they’re feeling?

Maria Sharapova

Jennifer Anniston


Taylor Swift

Janet Jackson

I find this picture of David Beckham quite unreadable. Is he intrigued or trying to smolder onlookers?

Bonus material: The many facial expressions of Keanu Reeves from GeekTyrant.

Answer: 1) sad; 2) happy; 3) smug; 4) surprised; 5) scared

Great style at Vanity Fair Oscars after party

At the Oscars, all of the attention was focused on what celebrities were wearing on the red carpet. This year’s red carpet was truly a display of many sophisticated artworks of high fashion and couture. However, if a celebrity didn’t attend the Oscars, it doesn’t mean that she lost the chance to doll up. The Vanity Fair Oscars after party gathered the rest of prominent singers, actresses and trend-setters. Here are some highlights.
Amanda Seyfried, Cameron Diaz and Taylor Swift all opted for mini-dresses with varying levels of coverage.

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