What Can You Tell From One’s Expressions?

Facial expressions can say so much about what a person is feeling. In fact, humans have learned to become attuned to such cues in interaction with others. We are capable of picking up very subtle signs, such as detecting when someone is lying. Here are some basic facial expressions from celebs. Can you guess what they’re feeling?

Maria Sharapova

Jennifer Anniston


Taylor Swift

Janet Jackson

I find this picture of David Beckham quite unreadable. Is he intrigued or trying to smolder onlookers?

Bonus material: The many facial expressions of Keanu Reeves from GeekTyrant.

Answer: 1) sad; 2) happy; 3) smug; 4) surprised; 5) scared

“I have nothing to wear”

It often seems like men and women don’t speak the same language. Take fashion for example. East Bay Couples blog cites a great example from the book Love and Respect. Consider a couple who are getting dressed for an event.

She looks in her closet and says, “I have nothing to wear!” Translation: “I have nothing new!” He looks in his closet and says, “I have nothing to wear.” Translation: “I have nothing clean!” Isn’t that a revelation? More illustrations of the communication divide between men and women in the workplace can be found in Deborah Tanner’s “Talking from 9 to 5.”