Glee - Quinn pink hair

Trend for fall: MAXI skirt

As the summer heat dies down, I begin digging up my cool-weather clothes to prepare for the fall/winter. I picture myself in relaxed clothes that have volume to cover up a bit. There goes Quinn Fabray, debuting her new skank look in Glee’s season premiere in punk pink hair, a black ragged cropped top and black maxi skirt. And I’m SOLD!

Quinn's new look gives her much more style and personality

She looks like a young Madonna with a 60s, 70s hipster vibe. Although most people probably won’t come close to pulling off this punk look, it serves as a great source of inspiration. Maxi skirts tend to work on a slim frame that isn’t too petite. This lengthy item would look great when paired with a casual, relaxed top (loose tank top, blouse, off-the-shoulder top) or a small cropped oneRefinery 29 also suggested wearing voluminous shirts and using colorblocking to make an instant impression.

Asos maxi skirts

Maxi skirts look great in plain colors, stripes/tiers or florals. Vertical pleats and high waist also help lengthen your legs. Shape-wise, I prefer a column look or an A-line flare instead of a mermaid one. Do you like this trend? What’s your dream maxi skirt? See more on maxi skirts and jumpsuits.

My summer wishlist

I only have 4 simple things on my list right now. Hopefully they will be crossed off my shopping list by the end of summer and other will be added.


1. White lacy dress:

Black lace is the symbol of ultimate sexiness. So when lace comes in white, it adds a pure, virginal vibe to the piece of clothing. White is the color of summer because it doesn’t attract heat. I don’t own a white dress or anything in white lace, so now is the perfect time to scour for one.

2. Tan lace-up booties:  Continue reading

Brandy & Melville: Italian boutique brings breath of fresh air

Inside Brandy Melville

I recently discovered this boutique after moving to Westwood. Like everyone who comes here would agree, I fell in love. I’ve been there a few times and never fail to witness shoppers exclaim at how “cute” the clothes are and how much they are “obsessed” with the store.

The fabrics are extra soft and light-weight

From Italy with love: Brandy Melville was started 30 years ago in Italy and spread all over Europe. It only opened in the US since 2008 and currently has four locations. One is NYC’s fashion district SoHo while the other three are in California (Westwood, Santa Monica and Newport Beach).

The appeal: Vintage, minimal and sexy sum up the irresistible appeal of Brandy Melville.
If I have to pick, the store’s vibe is closest to that of Urban Outfitters. It is unique with loose, over the shoulder tops, sheer tanks and nautical stripes. Even though the clothes are all one-size fits most, there are still body-con dresses with strategic cut-outs and criss-crosses.

Who wears it: Brandy Melville has been a big hit among celebrities, including Olivia Palermo and Anna Paquin. Nevertheless, it is totally affordable. For $15 to $30, you can own one of its cute items.

Where to buy: With only four physical locations in the US, Brandy Melville is also retailed through Nasty Gal and Revolve Clothing.

Check out the pictures and decide whether you’re a fan!

Off-the-shoulder top is a Brandy Melville signature

... so are stripes

Brandy Melville is not without more body-con pieces like this cross back dress

The clothes have a youthful, beachy vibe to them

Brandy Melville's signature sheer top. The brand also retails on Nasty Gal and Revolve Clothing