H&M bustier, H&M peplum top, H&M knit sweater

Black is the New Black: H&M Haul

H&M bustier, H&M peplum top, H&M knit sweater

H&M peplum top $34.95 – H&M low-cut bustier $24.95 – H&M knit sweater $24.95

“You know you’re a New Yorker when you need a flashlight to see what’s in your closet” – Dress Monsta.

I admit that since two years ago, I could never get enough black clothes. Everything, from dresses, skirts, blouses to pants, tights and booties, just look better in black to me. Anyway I ventured to H&M the other day to spend my $50 Christmas gift card.

I hadn’t been to H&M for two months (Foursquare told me), which is like 6 months in fashion year. Either this store near Bryant Park has really good stuff or H&M has improved the quality of their clothing. And there wasn’t a huge tourist crowd like usual. Jackpot!!

I found three pieces that must be leftover from previous weeks’ stock. In my size! So style. Much fortune. Wow.

I’ve been on a search for sexy crop tops I can wear in the club. Honestly I have a clubbing uniform, an outfit that consists of skinny pants/tights and a crop top, usually all black in different material. The reason I stick with this is because I feel comfortable and can show off my asset (thin waist). Bodycon dresses, while look good on me, are often too short and rise up when I try to dance or even walk.

1. The peplum crepe top in size 2 is a but snug but it will do. In the back it has three hooks and the peplum part is open. It is quite girly and flirty. I will need high-waist pants to go with it, although you can also style it with high-waist pencil skirt.

2. The bustier I got is actually all black, not pinstriped, and had double straps. Size 4 is pretty snug on me, which MUST be vanity sizing because I am barely a size 4 in tops. To clarify, this top is extremely LOW-CUT. It is even more revealing on me that on the model, and I have AA cups. Hmm, anyone larger than a B cup shouldn’t attempt to wear this in public.

3. This sweater is a coarser, loose knit that has almost of a sheer effect when layered over something else. I got a similar oversize sweater of the same material in burgundy (unfortunately it became fitted after being thrown into the dryer load) and loved it. So naturally I have to get it in black. Size Small was a bit too long in the black, since this has a high-low hem, so I went for XS instead. This sweater can be paired with leggings and easily layered over tank tops or blouses.

This was quite a successful, stress-free shopping trip. Until next time, stay warm and wear black.

If you knew me, you would know that I hate rain

Today was an especially tough day to get over because it was gloomy and rainy. I couldn’t get myself out of bed until 11 am. How can it be annoyingly sunny one day and deprived of sun light the next? I don’t understand. Rainy weather has that depressing effect on me, creeping into my every tissue and making the muscles ache.

I complain every time it rains, which makes it become a chore. But I cannot get through the day sane without venting out the frustration, sometimes bordering desperation. As a Psychology minor, I often self-diagnose with SAD to try to make sense of this overwhelming irritation and unwillingness to do anything but curl up in my bed eating M&M. Yep, rainy days are “that time of the month” for me.

Rain is the reason I dislike spring so much, and I’ve never been able to escape it. I used to live in a very humid Vietnam. Then I moved to Southern California to go to school because it was warm and sunny (There’s a rainy season in California too, sometimes rendering the campus flooded.) Now I’ve moved to New York to pursue fashion. But I know I could NEVER EVER bring myself to live in Seattle, as my best friend is right now.

Two or three years ago, I got sick of getting my shoes wet in the rain. So I finally hunted down and bought a pair of leopard rain boots on Wet Seal for very cheap. I JUST realize they might have been knock-offs of these Kate Spade rain boots.

There is still chance of rain tomorrow and rain in the next few days. But hopefully I would be so occupied with work and hustling that it would take my mind off the hellish weather. After all, sunshine can come from within!

Winter staples: Cold day in SoHo

So I’ve moved to New York for four days. Dropped by SoHo today on the way back from checking out some apartments in Queens. It was a miserably cold (windy) day and yet, SoHo was bustling with shoppers. I stumbled upon Brandy Melville, which I had loved since visiting the Westwood store over summer.

The temperature is about 20 degrees lower than what I’m used to in SoCal. However, I felt that I had adequate preparation for dealing with this weather. I’d snatched two coats from Foreign Exchange on Black Friday for only $63 (The store had a buy-one-get-one promotion). This cropped wool jacket and navy pea coat are some of my smartest buys recently.

Even though the cold is bearable, the wind sometimes pushes it over the top. That is why there’s a need for scarves and berets to cover my neck and ears. I like matching my beret and scarf. (I actually bought a knockoff of that Burberry scarf from Chinatown when I was in NYC two years ago).

Winter accessories

Of course boots are staple for New York. There’re so many to choose from, with different lengths, heels, styles and materials. You have knee high boots, booties, ankle boots, leather boots, suede boots, combat boots, lace-up boots, etc. My personal favorites are flat suede knee highs, although they tend to wear out on the heels.