Season for Jumpsuits and Maxi Skirts

New York hit the 70-Fahrenheit mark in the past two days!! I can’t help but be excited about the spring weather coming up. With the change of season, of course, comes a turn in wardrobe.

This year I plan to invest more in fluid, elegant pieces that fit with my style and are good for both work and play. Check out a round-up of my favorite pieces, jumpsuit and maxi skirt, below.

jumpsuit, nastygal, macys, asos, bcbg, max azria
1. Nastygal sweetheart jumpsuit, 2. Macy’s one-shoulder jumpsuit, 3. Asos harem jumpsuit, 4. Macy’s surplice jumpsuit, 5. BCBG tailor jumpsuit

As you can tell, black is my staple “color”. Jumpsuits regularly come in black because of its simplicity and slimming effects (You don’t want to many prints or patterns on a long piece like a jumpsuit). It compliments slim, even petite, frames and those with long legs and/or small waist.

maxi skirt, asos, brandy melville, material girl, macys,1. Brandy Melville Maxine skirt, 2. Tie-dye Maxine skirt, 3. Asos colorblock skirt, 4. Brandy Melville slit maxi skirt, 5. Material Girl slit maxi dress

I prefer maxi skirts to maxi dresses because they can be mixed and matched with my collection of blouses. (Maxi dresses, especially high-low/asymmetrical ones, have their own appeal). I usually go for column or flared shape with a lot of room for walking and aesthetic flow. Because of my penchant for darks and neutrals, I go for black, grey, nude, dark maroon, muted tribal/abstract prints. However, the colorblock Asos skirt above is a nice pop of color.

Do you like or wear these pieces? Stay tuned for a post on footwear to go with jumpsuits and maxis.

Runway looks for less: DKNY Spring 2010 RTW

Items inspired by DKNY Spring 2010 RTW, mostly clothing from Urban Outfitters and Charlotte Russe.

1. Casual suit: blazer and pants/shorts

DKNY Spring 2010 RTW

This is my first attempt on interpreting runway looks and it takes a lot more time than I imagine.

The collection is Spring 2010 Ready to wear by DKNY. It definitely sparks my interest because I’m a fan of comfortable clothes that look effortlessly stylish. Here’s some background information about the designer that sets the theme for her collection.

Donna Karan, formerly head designer of Annie Klein, launched her own line in 1985. She invented the legendary Seven Easy Pieces, which include: 1. Bodysuit  2. Coat 3. Jacket 4. Blouse or turtleneck 5. Pants 6. Wrap skirt 7. Something fancy for eveningwear.

This collection contains pieces like jumpsuits, blazers, tailored pants/shorts and wrap dresses that reflect the comfort and versatility of her design.

1. Casual suit and blazer:

Casual suits mean a blazer/jacket that is worn with casual pants that are roomy in the hip area, tailored shorts or skirts. They are paired with plain button-down shirts or colorful blouses/tank tops.

2. Jumper/jumpsuit:

The shape of these jumpers/jumpsuits is emphasized by a delicate tie of the same fabric at waist. They are an updated version of the 70s, 80s jumpsuits in that the pants are harem instead of bell-bottom. They are also paired with blazers for a more formal look.

3. Tie/wrap dress:

These are minimum, shaft-like dresses (with the occasional exception of a looser, more flowy top) whose waist is emphasized by ties, cinching and draping. 

4. Prints:

There is a combination of sophisticated metallic floral prints and bold abstract prints. Some of the pieces appear to carry a vintage floral feel.

5. Graphic tunic dresses and tees:

The oversized tunic dresses have a consistent abstract floral prints. These long-sleeve tees are extra comfortable and laidback. Note that color biker shorts are discretely layered under shorts and skirts.

6. Swimwear:

These one pieces can be interpreted to have the same build as bodysuits.

Photos: Marcio Madeira/