H&M bustier, H&M peplum top, H&M knit sweater

Black is the New Black: H&M Haul

H&M bustier, H&M peplum top, H&M knit sweater

H&M peplum top $34.95 – H&M low-cut bustier $24.95 – H&M knit sweater $24.95

“You know you’re a New Yorker when you need a flashlight to see what’s in your closet” – Dress Monsta.

I admit that since two years ago, I could never get enough black clothes. Everything, from dresses, skirts, blouses to pants, tights and booties, just look better in black to me. Anyway I ventured to H&M the other day to spend my $50 Christmas gift card.

I hadn’t been to H&M for two months (Foursquare told me), which is like 6 months in fashion year. Either this store near Bryant Park has really good stuff or H&M has improved the quality of their clothing. And there wasn’t a huge tourist crowd like usual. Jackpot!!

I found three pieces that must be leftover from previous weeks’ stock. In my size! So style. Much fortune. Wow.

I’ve been on a search for sexy crop tops I can wear in the club. Honestly I have a clubbing uniform, an outfit that consists of skinny pants/tights and a crop top, usually all black in different material. The reason I stick with this is because I feel comfortable and can show off my asset (thin waist). Bodycon dresses, while look good on me, are often too short and rise up when I try to dance or even walk.

1. The peplum crepe top in size 2 is a but snug but it will do. In the back it has three hooks and the peplum part is open. It is quite girly and flirty. I will need high-waist pants to go with it, although you can also style it with high-waist pencil skirt.

2. The bustier I got is actually all black, not pinstriped, and had double straps. Size 4 is pretty snug on me, which MUST be vanity sizing because I am barely a size 4 in tops. To clarify, this top is extremely LOW-CUT. It is even more revealing on me that on the model, and I have AA cups. Hmm, anyone larger than a B cup shouldn’t attempt to wear this in public.

3. This sweater is a coarser, loose knit that has almost of a sheer effect when layered over something else. I got a similar oversize sweater of the same material in burgundy (unfortunately it became fitted after being thrown into the dryer load) and loved it. So naturally I have to get it in black. Size Small was a bit too long in the black, since this has a high-low hem, so I went for XS instead. This sweater can be paired with leggings and easily layered over tank tops or blouses.

This was quite a successful, stress-free shopping trip. Until next time, stay warm and wear black.

Kiss to benefit H&M Fashion Against AIDS campaign

Nessa & Pierce

I was browsing my blog subscription today when I came across Anuschka’s (Into Mind) post about H&M Fashion Against AIDS campaign. For every smooching picture you post, H&M will donate $1 as part of the campaign. I was so excited I posted this one of my bf and I when we traveled to Vegas last December.

H&M will also be launching an exclusive collection from April 26, and 25% of the  proceeds will go directly to international youth awareness projects. The clothes and accessories carry ethnic influences from around the globe.

So what are you waiting for? Post your picture here and check out the collection.

H&M Fashion Against AIDS

Visiting an old friend: H&M Dressing Room

I was searching for an website built from HTML for my Web Production class. I didn’t even know where to look until I somehow recalled H&M Dressing Room. I’d discovered this probably two years ago and had SO much fun playing dress up on the models (it’s like playing with Barbies for grown-up girls). Here’s an outfit I spontaneously put together as a demonstration for my class blog’s entry. Check it out and you’ll be instantly addicted!

Preppy blouse, cardigan, shorts layered over tights, green pumps & faux leather bag

Here’s my analysis of why the interactive website is so great:

Visitors can choose from a variety of backgrounds and models. They can browse a vast number of of H&M items, including underwear, tops, pants, skirts, dresses, coats, tights, shoes, jewelry and purses. To put an item on the model, the user simply clicks on it. She just clicks again to undo. She can pick a different color of the piece of clothing or a different way to wear it on the model.

The interaction allows users to imagine how clothes would look on a real person. It demonstrates the effect of layering different items of clothing. The model figure can be viewed from the front as well as from behind. After creating a satisfactory outfit, users can publish it into an image file and post it on other media. The price of each item is conveniently displayed next to it, which highlights H&M low-price positioning.

The dressing room is a very fun website for customers. It looks sleek, modern and pretty. It’s like a virtual version of playing with dolls as little kids. It’s also a great advertising for H&M products. Once customers see how good an item could look, they’re more likely to go to the store and try it on (H&M US currently doesn’t sell its clothes online).

H&M “Conscious Collection” Hit Store

The tailored pieces offer a casual preppy look

H&M released its Conscious Collection last Thursday, just in time to celebrate Earth Day (April 22). This is exciting news not only for the environmentally-conscious but also for style-conscious shoppers.

The complete 37-piece women’s collection, including tank tops, blouses, shorts, pants, tunics, dresses and blazers, is sufficient to build an entire wardrobe for spring. Although white dominates the collection, colors range from off-white to pink blush and darker shades of nude. Continue reading