sex ed poster

Minimalistic sex ed poster for Push.

Minimalistic sex ed poster for Push.

Loving this minimal poster I created for The idea isn’t that original but it’s definitely attention-grabbing and to-the-point.

Websites I Love!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now, ever since my interest in web design was piqued. These designs are very clean, innovative and extremely enticing to me for one reason or another. I also have to say that the content of the sites contribute to my fascination with them. Let’s see what we’ve got:

I came across this website while looking for stationery. It turned out to be the most fabulous business. They design custom invitations, websites and branding materials. I am impressed by the vintage feel and subtlety of the designs as well as the fact that they do their letterpressed printing in-house. How cool is that? I used the feel of Two Paperdolls to design my wedding site and invitation.

Website sample 1 Website sample 2

I found through doing research for water charity Voss Foundation. I was extremely impressed by the clean, minimalist design. The visual quality really makes it stand out from its nonprofit counterparts and is more on par with or The idea of shirt in a bottle is brilliant and the delivery of the message is also fun and upbeat (e.g. “Go naked”). It’s an engrossing website overall.

Website sample 3 Website sample 4

I encountered while researching for a fertility nonprofit. Needless to say, it’s very refreshing to see a cancer-related website that is not pink. Don’t get me wrong I love pink but I love the grungy dark look of Furthermore, the design is clean, modern and social media-integrated.

Website sample 5

Website sample 6

Hope you enjoy looking at these sites and learn something about their business/cause in the meantime.