From Fashion to Tech

The past three months has changed my life drastically. I decided to abandon my uninspiring marketing job to come to the Web Development Immersive boot camp at General Assembly. I knew the course was going to be challenging but I had no idea how and how much it would change me until it happened.

I will not lose my interest in fashion and design but I’ve developed a new obsession in the name of coding. Every day, every hour, learning, coding, terminal commanding, deploying, trouble shooting, debugging…. Lots and lots of debugging.

I wouldn’t say the course has made me “smarter”, though it did equip me with a lot of knowledge. The most important aspect of this experience is that it helped me fulfill my Potential, something I have always had. Since this is still a fashion blog, I’m posting link to my first-ever web application that I built with Ruby on Rails:

 Note to self: Heroku restart will reveal a lot of errors otherwise hidden.

Season for Jumpsuits and Maxi Skirts

New York hit the 70-Fahrenheit mark in the past two days!! I can’t help but be excited about the spring weather coming up. With the change of season, of course, comes a turn in wardrobe.

This year I plan to invest more in fluid, elegant pieces that fit with my style and are good for both work and play. Check out a round-up of my favorite pieces, jumpsuit and maxi skirt, below.

jumpsuit, nastygal, macys, asos, bcbg, max azria
1. Nastygal sweetheart jumpsuit, 2. Macy’s one-shoulder jumpsuit, 3. Asos harem jumpsuit, 4. Macy’s surplice jumpsuit, 5. BCBG tailor jumpsuit

As you can tell, black is my staple “color”. Jumpsuits regularly come in black because of its simplicity and slimming effects (You don’t want to many prints or patterns on a long piece like a jumpsuit). It compliments slim, even petite, frames and those with long legs and/or small waist.

maxi skirt, asos, brandy melville, material girl, macys,1. Brandy Melville Maxine skirt, 2. Tie-dye Maxine skirt, 3. Asos colorblock skirt, 4. Brandy Melville slit maxi skirt, 5. Material Girl slit maxi dress

I prefer maxi skirts to maxi dresses because they can be mixed and matched with my collection of blouses. (Maxi dresses, especially high-low/asymmetrical ones, have their own appeal). I usually go for column or flared shape with a lot of room for walking and aesthetic flow. Because of my penchant for darks and neutrals, I go for black, grey, nude, dark maroon, muted tribal/abstract prints. However, the colorblock Asos skirt above is a nice pop of color.

Do you like or wear these pieces? Stay tuned for a post on footwear to go with jumpsuits and maxis.

The 82nd Academy Award

The dresses at this year Oscar fall neatly into a few color schemes including nudes, pastels, metallics, black, blue and red. One-shoulder straps and cascading ruffles are also popular.

1. Nudes:

I didn’t even know who this girl was but her dress is one of my favorites. Anika Noni Rose (Dream girls, The princess and the frog)


Anna Kendrick, very subtle and elegant.


Demi Moore. Yes, her skin does match her dress … Talking about the Snooki trend.


Diane Kruger. Do the black embellishments of this dress remind anyone of drag queen costumes?


Miley Cyrus appeared very hunchbacked in her dress, afraid it might fall off? I hate her biker’s blown hair.


Sarah Jessica Parker. A very bad choice, from the shiny fabric to the unflattering inverted-triangle silhouette. It seems like she’s being stabbed by the spear-like top and then strangled by the scarf.   


Zoe Saldana. There’re a lot of ambivalent feelings about this dress. The bodice is fine, a little too sparkly but the skirt acutely resembles a Swifter duster.



2. Rosy/lavender:

Queen Latifah. A big woman who does it right. The dress is perfect for her.



Jennifer Lopez. This Armani Prive number only enhances her already amazing curves. The dress is off the runway, impressive and exaggerated but not too much. She totally pulls it off.


Charlize Theron. You know, those controversial rosettes. Still, the dress looks very nice on her slender frame.  



 3. Metallics:

Kate Winslet. She keeps it simple and elegant.


Sandra Bullock. The embellishment is sophisticated, and the hair and makeup is so classy. She looks perfect receiving her Actress in a Leading Role award.


Is Helen Mirren 64? Her dress is very age-appropriate, especially with the opaque sleeves.

Business casual

Friday was Honors Visit Day at CLU. Prospective high school students visited our campus, got to know the Honors programs and had interviews for the Presidential scholarship. At several points throughout the day, I saw kids flocking out of buildings looking disoriented. Anyway, the point is that most of the girls had on some kind of black garments and the boys all seemed to wear some shade of blue. So I thought about putting together some business casual outfits that are age and occasion appropriate, something pretty and not uptight. 

1. Pop of color:


To start off, we have a very neutral outfit with grey flared pants, stretch off-white button down shirt and matching grey flats. The cardigan adds sophistication and femininity, although it can come in many other colors besides black. But the finest touch is the neck scarf, completing the look with a pop of color.

2. The blues:


Now it comes to navy, one of my favorite neutrals (besides grey). I start with these white straight-leg pants as the background to navy. The button-down shirt is white with blue stripes and is layered underneath a fine V neck cardigan. Add the scarf if you’d like, but the focal point of this outfit is this pair of blue multi-print heels – not too tall to maintain comfort and professionalism.

3. Feminine touch:


Save the best for last, this outfit is my ultimate favorite. The suit is basically black but not uptight. The pants are cropped, making them youthful and fun. The ruffle tank comes in a sophisticated shade of salmon pink. Plus those matching patent heels are to die for. A classy accessory with pearl would be the finishing touch to the ensemble.

Items from this post are mostly imported from GAP.