Bitch Stole My Look: Tina Cohen-Chang vs. Madonna

Tina Cohen Chang vs Madonna

In the Diva episode of Glee season 4, Tina Cohen-Chang bravely stepped out of her comfort zone to re-enact Madonna’s 2005-single Hung Up. Tina’s rendition of the pop hit was good and she got rewarded – being crowned the winner of Diva week. But the outfit choice, though brave, isn’t as rewarding for her figure.

Her body is heavier on top, short and pudgy. It’s not that I am a fan of seeing Madonna’s buttocks under the leotard either, but her body is more cut out for it. Glee didn’t need to duplicated the look completely. (Rachel & Brittany as Britney Spears was much more visually successful.) Fashion faux-pas!

Bitch stole my look/Fashion faux pas

Amanda Bynes vs. Jamie Chung

A while back, I did a coverage of the MTV Movie Music Awards (June 5). Amanda Bynes, among others, committed fashion faux pas with her turquoise fringe Louboutin peep toes.

Little did I know, more than 2 weeks prior at the Hangover II premiere in Vegas (May 21), Jamie Chung had spotted the same pair. Her white dress matches the color of the shoes better. Still, it couldn’t make those Louboutins any less disastrous.

This has been a little portion of Bitch Stole My Look. Nessa, OUT 😉