Inspired by Sabi in You Make Me Feel (Cobra Starship)

I haven’t done this for a while, since Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream. But Sabi’s outfit in this fun, flirty video just speaks to me so much that I can’t help but admire it. I also end up creating this set to help everyone pull off the look.

Sabi in You Make Me Feel

Unsurprisingly enough, you start off the look by throwing on very basic pieces: a fitted white tee and light denim shorts. What makes this ensemble so fun is the techniques of layering and accessorizing.

Lace plays a big role in making the outfit sexy. You can layer lace shorts underneath the jeans or replace them with lace tights. Adding lacey fingerless gloves amps up the toughness and sex appeal.

It’s intuitive to throw on a chunky gold chain necklace and a pair of hoop earrings. Black booties are fierce, sturdy enough for dancing and thus, perfect footwear for this outfit.

Sabi - You make me feel
Inspired by Sabi in You Make Me Feel.

Oversized blazer, $88
Forever21 denim shorts, $19
Rachel gold earrings, $10
Forever21 beading necklace, $6.80
ASOS chain glove, $10
Fitted white tee, $29
Volatile Mai Tai, $40

Last but not least, the exquisite cropped blazer with silk lining gives the ensemble class and personality.