Going crazy with #FishnetFrenzy

I’ve been going crazy at work trying to trend  #FishnetFrenzy. Thought I’d share this clever creation, inspired by Madonna’s recent indecent exposure.

Do you like to wear fishnets? Have you checked out Philippe Matignon hosiery?

Britney Spears Still Comes Out on Top

On April 6, Britney Spears debuted her video for “Till the World Ends,” the second single from her seventh studio album “Femme Fatale.” As the title suggests, it is set in an apocalyptic world where Britney leads an underground party. Through the use of a similarly lit background and sweaty, gyrating dancers, the video makes multiple references to her 2001 smash hit “I’m a slave for you.”

Even though it’s entertaining to see Britney dressed up in fishnet-and-leather ensembles, blasting the tune of a dance hit, there are still a few letdowns.

Britney amid sweaty dancers, taking the same concept from "I

The electro-pop, over-simplistic and repetitive sounds of “Till the World Ends” are subpar compared to “I’m a slave for you.” It sounds rather similar the recent single “Blow” by Kesha, who also co-wrote “Till the World Ends.” The low-impact dancing is masked by a shaky effect of the camera.

While there are new female pop sensations on the scene aggressively threatening to overthrow her throne (namely Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Rihanna), is Britney lagging behind? Continue reading

Dancewear: Inspired by Nathalie Lucas

Nathalie Lucas is my favorite dancer/choreographer on Youtube. Her moves inspire me, and so does her fashion. Here are some of my favorite videos/outfits by Nathalie.

Break the ice

If U seek Amy

Tik tok


Poker face

Bad romance


Losing my way


Nathalie always looks effortlessly fabulous while dancing, rocking her red, blonde or black hair. Her style is comfortable with shorts, relaxed tank tops and tunics with socks or leggings. She would go barefoot or sport high-top sneakers and uggs. Spaghetti or bikini tops would be layered underneath careless off-the-shoulder tees, bringing out the sexiness.


1. Long sleeve tee:

Items in this set: BDG Cozy Pullover Tunic, $38 Foot Traffic – Nordic Textured Tights, $15 Unisex Stripe Knee-High Sock, $10 Acorn Sheepskin Aussie Boot – Tall, $95

Items in this set:Truly Madly Deeply 80s Sweatshirt, $38 Dance Shorts – Balera – Dancewear Solutions, $16 Stripe Thigh-High Sock, $15    Black terry wristband    Checkerboard Authentic Gender Selector, $42


2. Loose tops:

Items in this set: Charlotte Russe – Oversized Pocket Racerback Tank, $10 Danskin® – Semi-Sheer Fold Over Waist Short/Skort, $20

Unisex Stripe Knee-High Sock, $10 Foot Traffic – Black Fishnet Arm Warmers, $9

Items in this set: Silence & Noise Dyed Dolman Top, $38    Dance Shorts – Balera – Dancewear Solutions, $16 Unisex Stripe Knee-High Sock, $10

Op – Juniors Foil Stripe String Bikini Top, $7.50   Luxe Wellesley Strap Gender Selector, $70


3. Hip hop beat:

Items in this set: Silence & Noise Split Sleeve Tee, $24 Foot Traffic – Knee Length Legging
Purple terry wristband    Showdown, Women Gender Selector, $70


Items in this set: Harem Capri Pants – Balera – Dancewear Solutions, $28

Knit Arm Warmers – Balera – Dancewear Solutions, $6.50   Tropical Ikat Square, $20 Short Cami Unitard – Balera – Dancewear Solutions, $20


4. Ballet/modern:

Items in this set: Copper Key Tie-Dye Leggings, $14    Black terry wristband
Pretty Cami Leotard – Mirella – Dancewear Solutions, $32 Dance Skort – Balera – Dancewear Solutions, $13 uggs black


Items in this set: Danskin® – Women’s Microfiber Hipster Crop Tights, $12 Foot Traffic – Peace Knee High Socks, $9 One Shoulder Leotard – Balera – Dancewear Solutions, $23