Winter staples: Cold day in SoHo

So I’ve moved to New York for four days. Dropped by SoHo today on the way back from checking out some apartments in Queens. It was a miserably cold (windy) day and yet, SoHo was bustling with shoppers. I stumbled upon Brandy Melville, which I had loved since visiting the Westwood store over summer.

The temperature is about 20 degrees lower than what I’m used to in SoCal. However, I felt that I had adequate preparation for dealing with this weather. I’d snatched two coats from Foreign Exchange on Black Friday for only $63 (The store had a buy-one-get-one promotion). This cropped wool jacket and navy pea coat are some of my smartest buys recently.

Even though the cold is bearable, the wind sometimes pushes it over the top. That is why there’s a need for scarves and berets to cover my neck and ears. I like matching my beret and scarf. (I actually bought a knockoff of that Burberry scarf from Chinatown when I was in NYC two years ago).

Winter accessories

Of course boots are staple for New York. There’re so many to choose from, with different lengths, heels, styles and materials. You have knee high boots, booties, ankle boots, leather boots, suede boots, combat boots, lace-up boots, etc. My personal favorites are flat suede knee highs, although they tend to wear out on the heels.


Inspired by Katy Perry’s Teenage dream music video


Teenage dream captures the best of romance, passion and playfulness. Shot in Perry’s hometown Santa Barbara, CA, the video stars the young actress in a vintage, feel-good road trip to the beach.

Perry looks iresistibly picturesque with porcelain skin, lush black hair and natural make up, along side an equally hunky male model. What do you really need but a pair of casually ripped skinny jeans, Doc Martens inspired boots and a pair of cool shades to rock the beach? Continue reading

Inspired by Lindsay Lohan

 Lindsay Lohan is my favorite style icon. She’s young, beautiful and reckless and it reflects in her style. She looks effortlessly stylish and employs monotonous themes (black, white, grey), basic pieces (dark tights, denim shorts) and comfy but flattering silhouettes. Here are two sample collages:

Inspired by Lindsay Lohan


Inspired by Lindsay Lohan


Dancewear: Inspired by Nathalie Lucas

Nathalie Lucas is my favorite dancer/choreographer on Youtube. Her moves inspire me, and so does her fashion. Here are some of my favorite videos/outfits by Nathalie.

Break the ice

If U seek Amy

Tik tok


Poker face

Bad romance


Losing my way


Nathalie always looks effortlessly fabulous while dancing, rocking her red, blonde or black hair. Her style is comfortable with shorts, relaxed tank tops and tunics with socks or leggings. She would go barefoot or sport high-top sneakers and uggs. Spaghetti or bikini tops would be layered underneath careless off-the-shoulder tees, bringing out the sexiness.


1. Long sleeve tee:

Items in this set: BDG Cozy Pullover Tunic, $38 Foot Traffic – Nordic Textured Tights, $15 Unisex Stripe Knee-High Sock, $10 Acorn Sheepskin Aussie Boot – Tall, $95

Items in this set:Truly Madly Deeply 80s Sweatshirt, $38 Dance Shorts – Balera – Dancewear Solutions, $16 Stripe Thigh-High Sock, $15    Black terry wristband    Checkerboard Authentic Gender Selector, $42


2. Loose tops:

Items in this set: Charlotte Russe – Oversized Pocket Racerback Tank, $10 Danskin® – Semi-Sheer Fold Over Waist Short/Skort, $20

Unisex Stripe Knee-High Sock, $10 Foot Traffic – Black Fishnet Arm Warmers, $9

Items in this set: Silence & Noise Dyed Dolman Top, $38    Dance Shorts – Balera – Dancewear Solutions, $16 Unisex Stripe Knee-High Sock, $10

Op – Juniors Foil Stripe String Bikini Top, $7.50   Luxe Wellesley Strap Gender Selector, $70


3. Hip hop beat:

Items in this set: Silence & Noise Split Sleeve Tee, $24 Foot Traffic – Knee Length Legging
Purple terry wristband    Showdown, Women Gender Selector, $70


Items in this set: Harem Capri Pants – Balera – Dancewear Solutions, $28

Knit Arm Warmers – Balera – Dancewear Solutions, $6.50   Tropical Ikat Square, $20 Short Cami Unitard – Balera – Dancewear Solutions, $20


4. Ballet/modern:

Items in this set: Copper Key Tie-Dye Leggings, $14    Black terry wristband
Pretty Cami Leotard – Mirella – Dancewear Solutions, $32 Dance Skort – Balera – Dancewear Solutions, $13 uggs black


Items in this set: Danskin® – Women’s Microfiber Hipster Crop Tights, $12 Foot Traffic – Peace Knee High Socks, $9 One Shoulder Leotard – Balera – Dancewear Solutions, $23

Leggings & more

Leggings are my staple. So following up the first post, I thought I’d post some more outfits with leggings.

1. Denim leggings:




















Dark denim leggings: I got a similar pair from Walmart (Miley Cyrus by Max Azria) and they’re my favorite so far, especially when those black basic leggings are getting boring. Denim leggings give you the same color of jeans but they are more comfortable, stretchy and skinny, which makes them easier to wear with boots. I pair them with a simple dark grey tank top, grey cardigan with no closure and bold open-toe boots. The plaid square scarf matches with the grey and adds a hint of color to the whole outfit.


Light denim leggings: This color is really unique and pretty but a little hard to wear in an outfit. I go with the safe option and pair it with a feminine black blouse with a tie at the neck. Any pair of darker colored boots would work, these ones are nice because they have a sleek texture that contrasts with that of the outfit. Bold teal wood bangles add fun and color to the ensemble.


2. Opaque leggings:

This outfit not only integrates blue opaque tights but also demonstrates layering. When your top isn’t long enought to wear with opaque tights, put on a pair of short shorts. In this case, the plaid button-down shirt and buckle boots make the outfit even more interesting. All the colors correspond in harmony. For a bold effect, accessorize with earrings and necklace of a bright/contrasting color like yellow or white.

The second outfit is a perfect blend of mischief and femininity. I start with a pair of pink opaque tights with diamond pattern. The top is a basic striped tunic, spiced up with sequin at the hem. The cardigan is feminine with heart-shaped crochet while the plaid shoes give a sporty feel. Finally, add a matching pink scarf or earrings/necklace.


3. Cut-out leggings:

Now these are what I call “statement leggings.” Since they are so bold, all you need is to pair them with a laid-back tank top and matching cardigan. In this case, the diagonal print on the tank is reminiscent of the cut-outs on the bottoms. Also, wear ankle boots in order to show off the whole length of your legs.  


4. Pattern tights:

There’s just something about patterned tights that scream “sexy.” I layer them under a sophisticated pair of light khaki shorts. The black ruffled sweater corresponds to the femininity of the tights. Plaid open-toe slingbacks finish off the look.