H&M “Conscious Collection” Hit Store

The tailored pieces offer a casual preppy look

H&M released its Conscious Collection last Thursday, just in time to celebrate Earth Day (April 22). This is exciting news not only for the environmentally-conscious but also for style-conscious shoppers.

The complete 37-piece women’s collection, including tank tops, blouses, shorts, pants, tunics, dresses and blazers, is sufficient to build an entire wardrobe for spring. Although white dominates the collection, colors range from off-white to pink blush and darker shades of nude. Continue reading

Inspired by Lindsay Lohan

 Lindsay Lohan is my favorite style icon. She’s young, beautiful and reckless and it reflects in her style. She looks effortlessly stylish and employs monotonous themes (black, white, grey), basic pieces (dark tights, denim shorts) and comfy but flattering silhouettes. Here are two sample collages:

Inspired by Lindsay Lohan


Inspired by Lindsay Lohan

Image: Polyvore.com

Inspired outfits: DKNY Spring 2010 RTW

These are some of the outfits inspired by Donna Karan’s recent collection. I like to work with separates and try to incorporate floral prints and relaxed, casual suit items. 

1. Vintage floral shorts: 

I pick the floral print shorts first, which are naturally paired with an oversize black boyfriend blazer. The top is a simple lingerie-looking light pink body suit. The gladiator heels add boldness and strengthen the whole look.

2. Graphic tee: 

Geo Photo Tee, $24       BDG Schoolboy Blazer, $78       Kimchi Blue Floral Full Short, $38

The focal point in this outfit is the graphic t-shirt that comes in a bright shade of yellow. I pair it with a pair of shorts that have a humble shine. The blazer and open-toe pumps are very cute in structure but lay low in terms of color. 

3. Asymetric cardigan: 

Asymmetric Ribbed Cardigan, $28       Etienne Aigner Vivica, $69        UO Wildflower Scarf, $28

These khaki pants represent well the casual slacks in the collection. I add a strapless velvet bodysuit in a deep royal red. This asymetrical cardigan makes the outfit all very hip and maintains comfort. The open-toe slingbacks simply match the color of the pants, while the scarf caters to the floral vintage feel.

Runway looks for less: DKNY Spring 2010 RTW

Items inspired by DKNY Spring 2010 RTW, mostly clothing from Urban Outfitters and Charlotte Russe.

1. Casual suit: blazer and pants/shorts

DKNY Spring 2010 RTW

This is my first attempt on interpreting runway looks and it takes a lot more time than I imagine.

The collection is Spring 2010 Ready to wear by DKNY. It definitely sparks my interest because I’m a fan of comfortable clothes that look effortlessly stylish. Here’s some background information about the designer that sets the theme for her collection.

Donna Karan, formerly head designer of Annie Klein, launched her own line in 1985. She invented the legendary Seven Easy Pieces, which include: 1. Bodysuit  2. Coat 3. Jacket 4. Blouse or turtleneck 5. Pants 6. Wrap skirt 7. Something fancy for eveningwear.

This collection contains pieces like jumpsuits, blazers, tailored pants/shorts and wrap dresses that reflect the comfort and versatility of her design.

1. Casual suit and blazer:

Casual suits mean a blazer/jacket that is worn with casual pants that are roomy in the hip area, tailored shorts or skirts. They are paired with plain button-down shirts or colorful blouses/tank tops.

2. Jumper/jumpsuit:

The shape of these jumpers/jumpsuits is emphasized by a delicate tie of the same fabric at waist. They are an updated version of the 70s, 80s jumpsuits in that the pants are harem instead of bell-bottom. They are also paired with blazers for a more formal look.

3. Tie/wrap dress:

These are minimum, shaft-like dresses (with the occasional exception of a looser, more flowy top) whose waist is emphasized by ties, cinching and draping. 

4. Prints:

There is a combination of sophisticated metallic floral prints and bold abstract prints. Some of the pieces appear to carry a vintage floral feel.

5. Graphic tunic dresses and tees:

The oversized tunic dresses have a consistent abstract floral prints. These long-sleeve tees are extra comfortable and laidback. Note that color biker shorts are discretely layered under shorts and skirts.

6. Swimwear:

These one pieces can be interpreted to have the same build as bodysuits.

Photos: Marcio Madeira/Style.com

Business casual

Friday was Honors Visit Day at CLU. Prospective high school students visited our campus, got to know the Honors programs and had interviews for the Presidential scholarship. At several points throughout the day, I saw kids flocking out of buildings looking disoriented. Anyway, the point is that most of the girls had on some kind of black garments and the boys all seemed to wear some shade of blue. So I thought about putting together some business casual outfits that are age and occasion appropriate, something pretty and not uptight. 

1. Pop of color:


To start off, we have a very neutral outfit with grey flared pants, stretch off-white button down shirt and matching grey flats. The cardigan adds sophistication and femininity, although it can come in many other colors besides black. But the finest touch is the neck scarf, completing the look with a pop of color.

2. The blues:


Now it comes to navy, one of my favorite neutrals (besides grey). I start with these white straight-leg pants as the background to navy. The button-down shirt is white with blue stripes and is layered underneath a fine V neck cardigan. Add the scarf if you’d like, but the focal point of this outfit is this pair of blue multi-print heels – not too tall to maintain comfort and professionalism.

3. Feminine touch:


Save the best for last, this outfit is my ultimate favorite. The suit is basically black but not uptight. The pants are cropped, making them youthful and fun. The ruffle tank comes in a sophisticated shade of salmon pink. Plus those matching patent heels are to die for. A classy accessory with pearl would be the finishing touch to the ensemble.

Items from this post are mostly imported from GAP.