From Fashion to Tech

The past three months has changed my life drastically. I decided to abandon my uninspiring marketing job to come to the Web Development Immersive boot camp at General Assembly. I knew the course was going to be challenging but I had no idea how and how much it would change me until it happened.

I will not lose my interest in fashion and design but I’ve developed a new obsession in the name of coding. Every day, every hour, learning, coding, terminal commanding, deploying, trouble shooting, debugging…. Lots and lots of debugging.

I wouldn’t say the course has made me “smarter”, though it did equip me with a lot of knowledge. The most important aspect of this experience is that it helped me fulfill my Potential, something I have always had. Since this is still a fashion blog, I’m posting link to my first-ever web application that I built with Ruby on Rails:

 Note to self: Heroku restart will reveal a lot of errors otherwise hidden.

“I need your love” album cover

I am currently obsessed with this song. So I decided to pay tribute by making some alternate covers for the single. The original cover is a blurry screen shot from the music video. It is quite romantic and reflects the candid self-shot quality of the video. The font and design is consistent with other covers of Calvin Harris’ album 18 months.

I just played around with some high-res headshots I found of Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding (These are younger headshots of Calvin, who is the type of man that gets sexier with age =D). The last one is most inspired by his other album covers, with similar block text (Impact) and pale color.

I need your love, cover 1 I need your love, cover 2 I need your love cover 3

sex ed poster
bubble tea illustration

Great Interactive Ad by Red Bull and Pandora

Recently, Pandora has been rolling out a slightly updated layout that allows for more visible ad content. The player and search bar still stays on top for convenience, but the full album cover display, artist info/lyrics and station list was pushed downwards, making you scroll through the background ad.

What’s interesting is that Red Bull has clever placed this interactive ad, introducing its three flavors – red, silver and blue. Users are instructed to “slide the can” on the scale, which changes the background to the corresponding image of the cranberry, lime and blueberry-flavored can. Even though I am not a regular Red Bull drinker, this brand has proved to be an expert in content marketing and produced multiple viral extreme sports events and online videos.

redbull interactive ad on pandora

In this Pandora ad, Red Bull is able to target customers by demographic info and taste in music. The eye-catching graphic strategically places the hashtags as an implied call to action – asking people to tweet it. Finally, the ad circles back wonderfully to its medium – Pandora. Listeners can click to listen to three custom stations – Red, Silver and Blue – which correspond to the brand and its products.

One word for Red Bull: genius. Do you think you’re likely to be attracted by this type of interactive ad? Have you seen any similar examples recently?


Photography-Inspired Business Card Designs

I recently found some inspiring business card design samples on and wanted to try them for my own. Take a look and let me know what you like best:

Business card 1Inspired by this minimal, smooth business card.

Business card 2Inspired by this sleek, slanted-angle design.

Business card 3Inspired by this card featuring white space in the front, an image in the back and a nice salmon color.


Why I Love “2 Broke Girls (Plus: Fan Art)

2 Broke Girls fan art

I’ve been watching 2 Broke Girls religiously for the last two weeks and got through every single episode ’till the latest one. I love it!

The show is hilarious and raunchy. I can see the Sex and the City glamour influence from director Michael Patrick King and the Brooklyn/trashy girl humor from co-creator Whitney Cummings.

Not only being broke is something many young women dwelling in NYC (namely me) can relate to, the show also deals with entrepreneurship, classes and sub cultures (upper class, working class, hipster) and female friendship.

And did I mention the fashion? I love Caroline Channing’s signature pearl necklace and the color white – which symbolizes her wealthy past. Check out the posters I made using promo pictures, screen shots, the official logo and the font inspired by the opening collage (All Ages bold italic).

2brokegirls_poster6 PILOT 2brokegirls_poster4 2brokegirls_poster2 PILOT 2brokegirls_poster3