Great Interactive Ad by Red Bull and Pandora

Recently, Pandora has been rolling out a slightly updated layout that allows for more visible ad content. The player and search bar still stays on top for convenience, but the full album cover display, artist info/lyrics and station list was pushed downwards, making you scroll through the background ad.

What’s interesting is that Red Bull has clever placed this interactive ad, introducing its three flavors – red, silver and blue. Users are instructed to “slide the can” on the scale, which changes the background to the corresponding image of the cranberry, lime and blueberry-flavored can. Even though I am not a regular Red Bull drinker, this brand has proved to be an expert in content marketing and produced multiple viral extreme sports events and online videos.

redbull interactive ad on pandora

In this Pandora ad, Red Bull is able to target customers by demographic info and taste in music. The eye-catching graphic strategically places the hashtags as an implied call to action – asking people to tweet it. Finally, the ad circles back wonderfully to its medium – Pandora. Listeners can click to listen to three custom stations – Red, Silver and Blue – which correspond to the brand and its products.

One word for Red Bull: genius. Do you think you’re likely to be attracted by this type of interactive ad? Have you seen any similar examples recently?


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