Why I Love “2 Broke Girls (Plus: Fan Art)

2 Broke Girls fan art

I’ve been watching 2 Broke Girls religiously for the last two weeks and got through every single episode ’till the latest one. I love it!

The show is hilarious and raunchy. I can see the Sex and the City glamour influence from director Michael Patrick King and the Brooklyn/trashy girl humor from co-creator Whitney Cummings.

Not only being broke is something many young women dwelling in NYC (namely me) can relate to, the show also deals with entrepreneurship, classes and sub cultures (upper class, working class, hipster) and female friendship.

And did I mention the fashion? I love Caroline Channing’s signature pearl necklace and the color white – which symbolizes her wealthy past. Check out the posters I made using promo pictures, screen shots, the official logo and the font inspired by the opening collage (All Ages bold italic).

2brokegirls_poster6 PILOT 2brokegirls_poster4 2brokegirls_poster2 PILOT 2brokegirls_poster3


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