When It Comes To Shoes, Keep It Simple

Simple has become my new motto when it comes to shoes. My wardrobe in the past 1 year has become largely monochrome (black, white, grey, navy) as opposed to floral and colorful like before.

Believe it or not, shoes can easily make or break an outfit. I feel much more confident when I wear shoes that match my outfit in terms of mood and occasion. That’s why I stick with black and nude – two basic colors that go with many types of outfit and occasion. Taking inspirations from style icon Kate Middleton, I’ve come up with a list of footwear essentials:

My go-to shoes

– Black strappy heels: for warm weather and casual occasions. I have a pair of espadrilles that are very comfortable. Although the wedges, as a result of being soft, wear out very fast.

– Chunky black strappy heels (gladiator-like) are good for going out/clubbing.

– Black suede pumps or wedges: can be worn to work as well as dressy evening events.

– Black patent leather flats: great for casual days, worn with tights. Patent is better than suede in case you get caught in the rain.

– Nude kitten-heel slingbacks: a little old school but very comfortable. The nude color helps in blend with your laid-back summer dress or lengthen your legs in short shorts.

– Blush-pink (nude) pumps: key elements of dressy occasions, can be worn with tights in winter. I haven’t yet acquired a pair that is nice and comfortable enough, but I hope to soon.

So what are your go-to shoes? Stick around for a boot version of my essential footwear. 


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