My spring wishlist

Spring is here, and I have quite a few of items on my must-have list.

1. I’m in love with the sheer sleeveless blouse trend at the moment, and it seems that every store I’ve gone to has something along this line. My most favorite color is white/ivory (pictured here in a royal blue). Here’s a bonus picture of me in a white one at South Moon Under boutique in Rehoboth, DE.

2. I also made a resolution to be wearing more lady-like blouses instead of cotton tank tops like I usually do. I got the inspiration from someone I know at work, and I would really like to copy her with a tie collar blouse.

3. While browsing the Express store yesterday, tried on these shorts with two rows of buttons. Size 00 fitted me really well but they were still pricey. I would have to get something like that since I haven’t bought shorts in a while and retired several pairs during the move. Also adorable from Express were these smooth colorful satin flats. The only problem was that they had pointy toes, which were a little uncomfortable. But the colors were so vivid – orange, kelly green,  royal blue and ivory.

4. I have been and I’m still very much obsessed with lace, especially white lace. My co-worker was wearing this super cute and classy white lace dress with black peasant collar from Forever 21 the other day. It looked rather fitted on her (styled with a skinny tan belt), not boxy like on the model, because she is quite curvaceous. Both wear it well, and I just can’t resist it. While browsing looking for that dress, I also found this lovely navy ruffle neck dress. The ruffles work very well on my figure because I am rather flat-chested.

Nessa's spring wishlist
5. Brandy Melville, one of my favorite stores, recently launched its online store in the US. I was able to find this asymmetrical low-front skirt I’ve been lusting after in the SoHo store. I’ve tried it on twice without buying because I’m not sure about the front length yet. It also has a wide variety of sexy, breezy cotton tank tops, so wide that it’s hard to pick one.

6. I have been interning for Philippe Matignon hosiery for a little more than a month now. The job is very interesting and involves looking at a lot of beautiful, sexy hosiery. Thus, I’ve become obsessed with the House of Holland suspender tights, which have been worn by many celebrities including Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez and Pixie Lott. I think my friend is getting me a similar pair for my birthday so I’m SUPER excited!!

7. Last but not least on my wishlist is a small tan messenger bag. This product pictured here from Fossil is way out of my price range.  But the ideal bag is similar – large enough for my lunchbox/water bottle and has strap long enough to hang around my waist.

Hopefully I  will find one or more of these items soon on my future shopping spree. So tell me, what’s on your spring wishlist?

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