If you knew me, you would know that I hate rain

Today was an especially tough day to get over because it was gloomy and rainy. I couldn’t get myself out of bed until 11 am. How can it be annoyingly sunny one day and deprived of sun light the next? I don’t understand. Rainy weather has that depressing effect on me, creeping into my every tissue and making the muscles ache.

I complain every time it rains, which makes it become a chore. But I cannot get through the day sane without venting out the frustration, sometimes bordering desperation. As a Psychology minor, I often self-diagnose with SAD to try to make sense of this overwhelming irritation and unwillingness to do anything but curl up in my bed eating M&M. Yep, rainy days are “that time of the month” for me.

Rain is the reason I dislike spring so much, and I’ve never been able to escape it. I used to live in a very humid Vietnam. Then I moved to Southern California to go to school because it was warm and sunny (There’s a rainy season in California too, sometimes rendering the campus flooded.) Now I’ve moved to New York to pursue fashion. But I know I could NEVER EVER bring myself to live in Seattle, as my best friend is right now.

Two or three years ago, I got sick of getting my shoes wet in the rain. So I finally hunted down and bought a pair of leopard rain boots on Wet Seal for very cheap. I JUST realize they might have been knock-offs of these Kate Spade rain boots.

There is still chance of rain tomorrow and rain in the next few days. But hopefully I would be so occupied with work and hustling that it would take my mind off the hellish weather. After all, sunshine can come from within!

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