Shoes that pacify the “Slingback synapse”

I stumbled upon this funny 2007 commercial from UK footwear brand Brantano today. It basically sets up Anne-Marie Brantano as a fictional psychologist who discovered the “sling-back synapse” in women’s brains. This fuels women’s irrational actions about shoes such as “shoe rage,” which is worsened by being forced to wait or not being given the right shoe size. It was dubbed TV worse ads by the TWA blog. I find it silly indeed, and somehow the lab setting keeps reminding of Trojan commercials.

You have to admit, though, that “slingback synapse” is a very sticky catchphrase. The original idea was just unsuccessfully translated into a commercial. Anyway I venture to take a look at Brantano website to see what the store has to offer. Price-wise, it is equivalent of Aldo. However, Brantano carries shoes that are very wearable, aka shoes that don’t have not 7-inch heels.

My first impression of Brantano is that the designs seem more conservative. You can see that by browsing the boots section and discovering mostly black, slouchy or ankle boots with low heels. Also the dressy shoes section has a wide selection of Mary Janes.

Nevertheless, I found some cute and comfortable options for women who like dressing up. For example, these Clarks black suede slingbacks, standing at 3 inches, are classy and versatile. These bubble gum pink patent pumps, only 2.75 inches tall, are extremely girly and flirty (Doesn’t it remind you of the Mean Girls wardrobe??).

I’m actually falling in love with the Red Level brand – check out the nude suede round-toe pumps and coral pink patent pumps. They all go for 22 British pounds, which is only 35 USD. I hope they are as comfortable as they look.

Brantano also carries Hush Puppies, the US brand that was well-known in the 60s and experienced a surge of popularity again in the mid-90s. Of course, the store also stocks on shoes for sports and other occasions, as well as for men and kids.


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