Winter staples: Cold day in SoHo

So I’ve moved to New York for four days. Dropped by SoHo today on the way back from checking out some apartments in Queens. It was a miserably cold (windy) day and yet, SoHo was bustling with shoppers. I stumbled upon Brandy Melville, which I had loved since visiting the Westwood store over summer.

The temperature is about 20 degrees lower than what I’m used to in SoCal. However, I felt that I had adequate preparation for dealing with this weather. I’d snatched two coats from Foreign Exchange on Black Friday for only $63 (The store had a buy-one-get-one promotion). This cropped wool jacket and navy pea coat are some of my smartest buys recently.

Even though the cold is bearable, the wind sometimes pushes it over the top. That is why there’s a need for scarves and berets to cover my neck and ears. I like matching my beret and scarf. (I actually bought a knockoff of that Burberry scarf from Chinatown when I was in NYC two years ago).

Winter accessories

Of course boots are staple for New York. There’re so many to choose from, with different lengths, heels, styles and materials. You have knee high boots, booties, ankle boots, leather boots, suede boots, combat boots, lace-up boots, etc. My personal favorites are flat suede knee highs, although they tend to wear out on the heels.


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