Trend for fall: MAXI skirt

As the summer heat dies down, I begin digging up my cool-weather clothes to prepare for the fall/winter. I picture myself in relaxed clothes that have volume to cover up a bit. There goes Quinn Fabray, debuting her new skank look in Glee’s season premiere in punk pink hair, a black ragged cropped top and black maxi skirt. And I’m SOLD!

Quinn's new look gives her much more style and personality

She looks like a young Madonna with a 60s, 70s hipster vibe. Although most people probably won’t come close to pulling off this punk look, it serves as a great source of inspiration. Maxi skirts tend to work on a slim frame that isn’t too petite. This lengthy item would look great when paired with a casual, relaxed top (loose tank top, blouse, off-the-shoulder top) or a small cropped oneRefinery 29 also suggested wearing voluminous shirts and using colorblocking to make an instant impression.

Asos maxi skirts

Maxi skirts look great in plain colors, stripes/tiers or florals. Vertical pleats and high waist also help lengthen your legs. Shape-wise, I prefer a column look or an A-line flare instead of a mermaid one. Do you like this trend? What’s your dream maxi skirt? See more on maxi skirts and jumpsuits.


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