Introducing: Honor Society

The Grove is super romantic at night

What: Yesterday, I decided to go to The Grove for a window shopping spree. Little did I know, I ended up at the Citi-sponsored Summer Concert Series. I personally think they could’ve promoted it a little better. But I enjoyed the pleasant surprise.

Blake Lewis

When: The concerts are taking place at 7:30 pm every Wednesday for the rest of July.

Who: Blake Lewis was a one-man band, DJ-ing his own voice spontaneously as he went along. However, it wasn’t as enjoyable as it could’ve been in a club. A cover of Katy Perry’s hit “E.T.” was underwhelming.

The Voice’s Frenchie Davis, on the other hand, really worked the crowd. She wore a bright red surplice dress. With an incredible voice, she didn’t even stop for breath in between five songs.

However, the performers that made the biggest impression on me were Honor Society (and I had not heard of them until that point). Musically, HS compares to Jonas Brothers. Indeed, drummer Alex Noyles used to tour with Jonas Brothers back in 2005 – 2006. Lead singer Michael has now shaved his head and resembles a shorter version of Adam Levine (hotness!). More coverage of the show HERE.

Andrew Lee, Michael Bruno, Alex Noyles & Jason Rosen

Check out HS’ 2009 hit “Over you”:


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