My summer wishlist

I only have 4 simple things on my list right now. Hopefully they will be crossed off my shopping list by the end of summer and other will be added.


1. White lacy dress:

Black lace is the symbol of ultimate sexiness. So when lace comes in white, it adds a pure, virginal vibe to the piece of clothing. White is the color of summer because it doesn’t attract heat. I don’t own a white dress or anything in white lace, so now is the perfect time to scour for one.

2. Tan lace-up booties: 

Trust me, I’m not into country fashion per se. But there’s a certain appeal about a pair of lace up booties. The tan/camel hue stands out but is more neutral and less intimidating as black. They go well with tights/leggings, which are still my staple for this SoCal weather. These ankle booties exude such a casual and effortless vibe, which is exactly what I’m going for.

All things Angie

3. Turquoise accessories (earrings):

Turquoise accessories have been the rage for a while now. The stone color is both fun and sophisticated. What I like most about it is that it suits both paler and darker skin tones. I just scored a pair of drop turquoise earrings yesterday but hope there’re more to come.

Victoria’s Secret
Victoria’s Secret

4. Off-the-shoulder top:

Last but not least, I’m taking up dance again this July. This rekindles my obsession for off-the-shoulder, loose-fitting/Dolman-sleeve top. This piece is certainly a dancer’s staple because it is stylish, airy and moves great with the body. If made of cotton, these tops are also sheer. I’m hoping to find this in a nude, cream or blush color.

Tell me, what’s on your summer wishlist?


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