The bob: still a hot hairstyle this summer

I used to always have a shoulder-length cut with layers because of my thick texture. It was a popular cut, and the length was sufficient to be pulled up in a pony tail. Looking back on it now, the hairstyle has become so high school ever since I discovered the bob last summer.

Who wears a bob? Graduated, angled, inverted bob, whatever you call it. The bob is a stylish, versatile and the most low-maintenance style I’ve ever had. Many celebrities have spotted it at one point or another (Hayden Panettiere, Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Kelly Clarkson, Jenny McCarthy)

Hayden Panettiere, Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Kelly Clarkson, Jenny McCarthy

Why should you? Of course, our celebrities have very nice bone structures to help them shine in almost any hairstyle. However, the bob suits many facial shapes, as long as it’s not too round. In any case, the length is crucial to whether the cut will compliment your features.

Katie Holmes

How to wear it. The bob can be long or short, but the chin to collarbone length is most flattering because the hair frames your face. The back is angled and graduated to give the do texture. This cut suits any texture (straight to curly). However, people with straight hair tend to pull it off best.

The bob also goes with any type of bang: center part, side part, side swept and even full bangs. Check out Katie Holmes, looking extremely adorable in her sleek locks.

Which celebrity owns the bob? It will be an extreme negligence to talk about the bob haircut and not mention Victoria Beckham. She has worn many variations of the style and made it her own enviable asset.

Victoria Beckham

The bob suits Vic because it gives her the fashion-forward attitude and doesn’t overwhelm her slender frame. Take cues from this vixen to ways you can wear and color your bob. The bob generally looks good with overall highlights or a darker layer underneath.

So, will you consider getting a bob next time you visit your hairstylist?


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