MTV Movie Awards 2011 recap and fashion

Twilight cast

If you aren’t a “Twilight” fan, it was probably sickening to watch the favoritism toward the franchise paraded at the show last night. Twilight won nearly half the categories (FIVE out of 12), including obvious wrongs like Best Movie (over Inception, Black Swan, The Social Network & Harry Potter) and Best Female (Natalie Portman?!).

However, that’s not the most embarrassing part. Robert Pattinson could not be more awkward on stage, both at presenting Reese Witherspoon the Generation Award and in his acceptance speeches. To Twilight co-star Bryce Dallas Howard, he uttered: “I ripped your head off, and now you’re pregnant.” And I’m not even taking it out of context here.

To Reese Witherspoon on “Water for Elephants”: “I didn’t cut you out, but I **** you.” This comment as well as other offensive moments (inappropriate projected image on Jim Carrey’s green suit, Justin Timberlake & Mila Kunis groping each other) makes me really concerned. Considering the number of people who voted for Twilight, the majority of the show’s audience are really young – tweens and teens. Why is the content so lewd and uncensored?

Back to fashion, these four ladies deserve to go on the Best Dressed list:

Aimee Teegarden, Emma Watson, Emma Stone & Katie Cassidy

I adore Aimee Teegarden’s dress. She went for colorful and bold but also a soft, drapy fabric. As much as I wish Emma Watson’s hair grew back, her sense of style is irrefutable. This white body-con mini with fringe shoulders is sexy and chic.

Emma Stone also made an impeccable choice with this over-lace and tie dress. She is subtly sexy and cute. It may be Rihanna who started the see-through trend but Katie Cassidy beat her with this romantic smocked, barely-there dress.

How about some Worst Dressed?

Bryce Dallas Howard, Nicki Minaj, Amanda Bynes & Leighton Meester

I don’t want to be mean to Bryce Dallas Howard because she’s pregnant. But she must have let it get to her head when she picked this hideous hot-pink-panel dress. Nicki Minaj, we know you have curves, please just cover up! At least take some cute from Lil Mama, who channeled Lady Gaga in a platinum bob.

Amanda Bynes’ ensemble spells MISMATCHED, and her fringe peep-toe booties are just unfortunate. And Leighton Meester, who fitted you in this heavy sparkly mess?

The were a few trends on the red carpet. Reese Witherspoon, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Lily Collins all spotted animal prints.

Lily Collins is lovely with strong eyebrows

The sparkle/metallic trend was donned by Amber Lancaster, Leighton Meester and Brooklyn Decker. Brook also made the same mistake as Leighton by wearing too boxy of a dress. Kristen Stewart certainly pumped up the punk with the safety pins on her red hot mini dress.

The romper was also popular. Elle Fanning wore a cute floral romper while Cameron Diaz opted for a plain black one with a skinny belt.

Fashion miss?

Hailee Steinfeld is usually adorable. And normally I don’t turn down a nicely fitted suit. But her ensemble was too old and business-like for this fun glamorous event.

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