Trend alert: Colorful animal prints for spring

Blumarine Spring Summer 2011 collection

Fabric designs have drawn from many of nature’s creations. Animal prints often mimic the fur patterns of zebra, leopard, tiger and giraffe, among which leopard print is by far the most popular. For this spring, Blumarine has taken this concept and given it a little update.

Last spring, the label turned out a vibrant collection with bright tie dyes. To continue this tradition, Blumarine fuses the color palette with leopard and abstract insect prints. The collection utilizes larger, sparser leopard patterns and bright pastels in blue, pink and orange. The bohemian vibe certainly shows through relaxed, billowy waistlines, hems and sleeves.

Abstract insect print

What’s more interesting about the collection is the use of insect prints, taking inspirations from butterfly and ladybug patterns. Blumarine spring 2011 exudes a youthful, fun and active vibe. These dresses are perfect for the beach, casual luncheons and pool parties.

There are many affordable options that can help you pull off this colorful trend. This asymmetrical A-line dress from Rampage incorporates a subtle tiger print. American Rag offers a cute micro print bubble dress. Arden B has a teal chiffon-skirt dress that features strategic animal print and a subliminal animal print mini tank dress.


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