New clothing lines by Isaac Mizrahi, Jay Manuel

Six looks in Mizrahi's bridal collection for The Aisle

Isaac Mizrahi is a master at expanding his empire. In 2002, Mizrahi began creating a diffusion line for Target that turned out to be a huge financial success. A bridal collection came out in 2007, which consists of beautiful basic gowns under $160. Now, he is aiming for a higher-end tier of the bridal market.

Mizrahi is releasing an exclusive six-piece collection for The Aisle New York, an invitation-only e-commerce bridal fashion site. Prices range from $2,200 to $4,500 and cater to sizes 0 through 14. With this “fabulous” collection, Mizrahi aims to help brides become “iconic” on their wedding day.

Purchasing through this site, brides would get the same treatment as if they had gone to a high-end bridal boutique. They are able to have their gowns custom-made by sending in 10 measurements. Below is a preview of the complete six pieces. Most of them are fluid long gowns with a slight mermaid skirt. One short dress has a sculpted floral bodice that is reminiscent of Vera Farmiga’s Marchesa gown at the 2010 Oscars.

Jay Manuel, the platinum-haired beauty expert, has become a household name through 16 cycles of “America’s Next Top Model.” Having worked in front and behind the camera for many campaigns and designers, Jay Manuel has not had a product line of his own until now.
He is following the risk-taking pattern in his career to introduce a new clothing line called “Attitude” to Sears Canada. It will come into store in August and will be brought to the US in 2012.

The collection is geared toward average shoppers with prices ranging from $12.97 to $139.99. Manuel promises to deliver “versatility and impeccable tailoring” to customers who are fashion conscious and crave the ease of transitioning from office to evening wear.

In an interview with, Jay Manuel talks about his inspirations for designing the collection. At the Toronto Fashion Week runway show, the first grouping showcases suits and a black and white palette that pay homage to Yves Saint Laurent. It transitions into 70s inspiration and closes with sophisticated color-blocking and prints that are drawn from Morocco.

Inspirations from Yves Saint Laurent, the 70s and Morocco

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