Fashion world lends a hand to Japan

Karmaloop designs the Rising Sun tee to donate to Japan relief efforts

On March 11, a 8.9-Richter earthquake hit Japan and was followed by a devastating tsunami. Nearly 8,500 people have been confirmed dead and approximately 13,000 are missing.

Survivors in Northeastern Japan are suffering from lack of electricity, water and transportation. Countries, organizations and individuals everywhere are making every possible effort to assist Japan, and the fashion world isn’t an exception.

Donations are made out-of-pocket, through portions of proceeds, creating special merchandises and other charity events. Coach has pledged to donate 400 million Yen (equal to $5 million) to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Fast Retailing Group, owner of Uniqlo, will contribute $17 million toward the Japanese Red Cross as a whole, besides the $8.6 millions’ worth of clothing. H&M, American Eagle Outfitters and Tadashi Shoji are all donating to this organization.

Lady Gaga promptly introduced a white and red “We pray for Japan” wristband on her merchandise website. The item costs $5 and all proceeds are said to go directly to relief efforts in Japan.

Karmaloop also designs a Rising Sun Tee, which retails for $20, for this purpose. Made with Japan produces abstract T-shirts for the cause and details ways for customers to get involved.

Click here for a detailed list of fashion designers and companies that have contributed and merchandises you can buy to help and raise awareness.


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