Bombshell Jennifer Lawrence channels minimalism

Lawrence in a simple shift dress

Even though 20-year-old Jennifer Lawrence just came on the scene with her Academy-nominated role in Winter’s Bone, it seems like she has it all: beauty, talent, potential and especially a great sense of style. There is no shortage of beautiful women in Hollywood, but Jennifer espouses the traditional all-American look with blonde hair, doe eyes and a voluptuous body.

Fashionistas have spent a great deal of time marveling at Jennifer’s dress choices for recent award shows. My favorite so far is the red body-con Calvin Klein she wore to the Oscars. Who would have thought such a simple dress could give a girl such a stunning glow.

This leads me to believe that minimalism would be the most suitable direction for Jennifer on her way to becoming a style icon. Between her curly locks and perfectly curved 5-foot-7.5-inch frame, she doesn’t need much on her back to draw attention.

However, it would be nice if Jennifer continues to make a statement with some cutesy elements such as the hot pink number at the SAG award or the textured ruffle dress at the Golden Globes.

What’s worth anticipating is that she will take on the role of Mystique in the new X-Men: First Class. We can already picture how hot she would look in the blue-paint costume. Jennifer will definitely not be a let-down for fans  of Rebecca Romijn’s Mystique!


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