Let it rain: A “Grey’s Anatomy” epiphany

Sometimes you look but you don’t see. Sometimes you fail to connect the dots. This kind of sudden revelation happened to me Thursday.

It started drizzling nonstop, the sky grey with gloomy prospects. With the instinct of a non-diagnosed SAD sufferer, I looked up the weather forecast and could not believe my eyes. Rainy, rainy, rainy!! That day was just the beginning of a week-long rain cycle.

Lucky for me, I was lounging on my couch in my empty suite, watching back-to-back episodes of a Grey’s Anatomy rerun. It is one of my favorite shows that have run consistently. One episode ends with a conversation between Meredith and Derek, after which the camera zooms out of the rain-blotted glass door. Only then did it dawn on me: That’s why it’s always raining in the show!!!

Grey’s Anatomy is set in Seattle, the place I’m going in a few days to see my cousin. Everything made so much more sense when I put the pieces together. I know Seattle is famous for its wet climate, and I know the hospital in the show is Seattle’s Grace. How come I never linked these information together every time I see a rainy scene? It’s a lot more relevant now that I’m visiting the notorious city.

Fashion bonus, here’s a picture of lead actress Ellen Pompeo in a cute rainy day outfit from thebudgetbabe.com.


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