Gossip Girl: The age-old danger of technology


Several recent observations prompt me to write this entry. First, I got a Blackberry Curve from Virgin Mobile (because of their unbelievable texting & data plan and super catchy abeit crazy commercial featuring MIA’s “10 dollar”). It’s great for me because I enjoy technology and having instant access to information a great deal. Everytime the  beep comes on, I’m acknowledged of an email I’ve been waiting for or notified of a witty Facebook comment.

Gossip Girl, unfortunately, is taking more than a month-long break until late January. In recent episodes, Juliet has been trying to undermine Serena. She causes damage one time simply by persuading Vanessa to steal Serena’s phone. She sends an email to the dean of Columbia on Serena’s behalf, saying she wants to withdraw from the school.

Ding ding ding! Did you figure out what I’m trying to get at? Smart phones (technology in general) are a wonderful tool for us but can be used against us as fast as they deliver emails. This raises a troublesome issue about privacy and cyber security for our society. Thanks to these lovely little qwerty-keypad-equipped accessories we call cellphones, anyone who gets their hands on our phones can steal our identities and have ready access to our whole contact list. They don’t need to waste any time trying to crack the password!

To those out there who treasure their smart phones (Blackberries :D) as much as I do mine, learn from this lesson. Have fun with it but also keep it safe!

Enenmies Juliet Sharp, Serena van de Woodsen. Photo: Giovanni Rufino/CW tv

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