Layout/design samples

This past semester has been among the busiest few months I’ve had in my career as a college student. As a result, the blog is not updated. However, this doesn’t mean my passion for fashion has dropped any bit or that I haven’t been shopping and keeping up with trends myself.

I enjoy my Copyediting, Layout and Design class tremendously. First, it is useful for my job as features editor for the school’s newspaper. Second, it allows me to do some really cool stuff. Being able to use Photoshop and InDesign gives me a channel to let out the creative juices I’ve always had. Here are a few samples:

1. Postcard: This should be credited mostly to the photographer though, my friend Linh Do, Lehigh University ’12.


2. Brochure: for a fictional Asian fusion spa, which is largely inspired by a brochure of the Four Seasons.


3. Poster: for a fictional party (names and concepts are based on reality).

Image copyright: Nessa Nguyen


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