Inspired by Katy Perry’s Teenage dream music video


Teenage dream captures the best of romance, passion and playfulness. Shot in Perry’s hometown Santa Barbara, CA, the video stars the young actress in a vintage, feel-good road trip to the beach.

Perry looks iresistibly picturesque with porcelain skin, lush black hair and natural make up, along side an equally hunky male model. What do you really need but a pair of casually ripped skinny jeans, Doc Martens inspired boots and a pair of cool shades to rock the beach?

Watch Teenage Dream

Skinny jeansZebra braNude braBoots, Sunglasses 

OUTFIT 1: The outfit Katy wears for most of the video simply consists of a light-weight tank top, ripped skinny jeans and lace-up boots. Throw on a pair of sunglasses and pile on accessories.

OUTFIT 2: This is when Katy first meets her guy while peaking at him boxing. She wears a vintage black and white print top and a black blazer, accessorizing with a delicate necklace. Her hair is pulled up in a high bun, which amply resembles Zooey Deschannel.


OUTFIT 3: Dancing at a bonefire, Katy wears a loose-fitting tank top, a vest and denim shorts. The clothes are comfortable and effortless, much like the spirit of the song.



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