What to wear: OOO Stoplight party OOO

My friend and I are planning a Stoplight party for next weekend. People around here are getting excited because it’s a theme party most of them probably have never been to.

However, figuring out what to wear can be a challenge since you have to stick to a basic color. I thought I might offer some ideas about building an outfit from a simple red/yellow/green tank top.

1. Red: I’m taken
This is one of those parties that couples attend to show off their significant others. Reds can pull of something totally laidback like dark denim shorts or cuffed boyfriend jeans. But be sure to throw on a pair of sexy heels for your man and accessorize at ease with love-tinted black/red accessories.


2. Yellow: It’s complicated/Playing hard to get/Single but unavailable
Yellows don’t have to try to hard. That’s why I suggest that they pair their tank top with a colorful patterned skirt or go for casual shorts and belt. Keep an open mind and experiment with some colorful accessories!


3. Green: Single
Greens are the ones really need to stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, green is a rare color for clothes and something pretty hard to match.

I pick some very impressive bottoms to add fire to your green tank, like cut-out leggings and a monochrome skirt. You can even layer the top underneath a knock-out tube dress. Add some green accessories to your assemble and you’re officially ready to mingle.




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