Inspired by Miley Cyrus’ “Can’t be tamed”

The sixteen-year-old Disney star sure got everyone talking about her provocative clothing and dance moves in the new single Can’t be tamed. The cage concept obviously reminds me of Lindsay Lohan’s “Rumors,” where she was also acting sexy to break out of her previously innocent persona.

Being twenty, I don’t really have any problem with the way she dances – sexy is good and entertaining. Although she is only 16, I saw this coming. Every female teenage pop star goes through that slutty phase. Look at Britney’s “I’m a slave for you,” Christina Aguilera’s Dirrty” and Hilary Duff’s “With love.” It just happens earlier for Miley because people in our society today are sexualized at younger ages.

Anyway, the concept of the video helps me draw fashion inspiration.  Feather, fringes and sequins are incorporated in the following 4 outfits.

1. Feeling fringy:

In the video, Miley wore a black ensemble with feather, long fringes hanging from the top, over the knee leather boots and a wide black belt. This outfit has three of the four elements and still makes a lot of sense. I love the pair of earrings, which I have used in more than one of my collage.

Fringe Studded Shoulder Top, $8.99    Mineral Wash Zip Leggings, $5.50    Erin Leatherette Buckle Boot, $35 Petite Glitter Clutch, $21    Fancy Scroll Earrings, $5.80


 2. Headband drama:

Miley also wore a strapless corset made of scale-like sequins (?). And that was the inspiration for those sparkling booties. This LBD hugs the body in all the right places and the headband simply adds drama. This ensemble literally gives thunder from head to toe.

Bandage Stretch Dress, $25    Glitter Ankle Boot, $14    Cube-Chain Polished Bracelet, $7.80   

Feather headband, $8.80


3. Peacock palette:

 This was just a fun dress to work with because I haven’t been so bold with colors recently. The peacock inspiration is clear. I pick the turquoise ring and headband that match the color of the stitch. The muted green shoes help balance out the palette without pushing it over the top. 


Aurora Feather Stitch Top, $23    Grommet Studded Bow Flats, $20    Turquoise Framed Ring, $7.80

3-Tier Bow Headband, $1.50


 4. Bold bib:

This tiered dress caught my eye because the ruffles are reminiscent of the feather on Miley’s costume. However, the necklace is even more genius. It’s very bold, layered and textured like her corset. The bangle and heels are chosen in order to match its fierceness.


Stretch Ruffle Tiered Dress, $15    Tassel Lace Up Heels, $15    Faceted Beaded Bib Necklace, $9.80

Edgy Rock Bangle, $5.80


I hope you enjoy my interpretation. All items are from Forever 21. (I wasn’t paying much attention but just look at how cheap everything is!)


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