April 28: Entertainment gossip

Spring is here.

I am not really enjoying the So Cal weather right now because I enjoy warmer weather. It was overcast and humid yesterday and ended up sprinkling. It was kind of romantic at night because the air was glowing from the reflection of light on the misty atmosphere. And today, I don’t even want to think about it. The wind is just brutal. I hate it when my bang is messed up.

 As Project Runway 7 comes to an end, my two favorite shows return on MTV: The Hills and The City. I’m sure some people hiss at them for being no brainers, but isn’t it so wrong that I enjoy watching a glammed up and overdramatized version of the lifestyle I aspire?

In Heidi’s news, as The Soup’s Joe McHale would say, Montag finally gets to confront her family in Colorado about her series of plastic surgeries. Or self-mutilations I’d say, since she had eyebrow lift, cheek injection, lip injection, jaw modification, nose job, ear job, thigh liposuction, butt enlargement and even more breast implants. I think her boobs are triple D now (equivalent of an F cup?), which of course isn’t enough because she wanted an H cup (H for Heidi).

I feel her mom’s pain when she struggled in articulating her true feelings – her daughter had looked better before. Heidi couldn’t even talk or chew because her jaw was so locked up. At dinner, her mom sarcastically rubbed it:

 “Do you want me to put it in a blender for you” (regarding Heidi’s burger). It was hilarious to watch though.

In The City, People’s Revolution coordinated Whitney Port‘s first fashion show. Whitney Eve, her clothing line for Spring/Summer 2010, is really cute. Here are a video and some pictures.

Whitney Eve Fashion show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Whitney Eve Spring/Summer 2010 Photo collection

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