Leggings & more

Leggings are my staple. So following up the first post, I thought I’d post some more outfits with leggings.

1. Denim leggings:




















Dark denim leggings: I got a similar pair from Walmart (Miley Cyrus by Max Azria) and they’re my favorite so far, especially when those black basic leggings are getting boring. Denim leggings give you the same color of jeans but they are more comfortable, stretchy and skinny, which makes them easier to wear with boots. I pair them with a simple dark grey tank top, grey cardigan with no closure and bold open-toe boots. The plaid square scarf matches with the grey and adds a hint of color to the whole outfit.


Light denim leggings: This color is really unique and pretty but a little hard to wear in an outfit. I go with the safe option and pair it with a feminine black blouse with a tie at the neck. Any pair of darker colored boots would work, these ones are nice because they have a sleek texture that contrasts with that of the outfit. Bold teal wood bangles add fun and color to the ensemble.


2. Opaque leggings:

This outfit not only integrates blue opaque tights but also demonstrates layering. When your top isn’t long enought to wear with opaque tights, put on a pair of short shorts. In this case, the plaid button-down shirt and buckle boots make the outfit even more interesting. All the colors correspond in harmony. For a bold effect, accessorize with earrings and necklace of a bright/contrasting color like yellow or white.

The second outfit is a perfect blend of mischief and femininity. I start with a pair of pink opaque tights with diamond pattern. The top is a basic striped tunic, spiced up with sequin at the hem. The cardigan is feminine with heart-shaped crochet while the plaid shoes give a sporty feel. Finally, add a matching pink scarf or earrings/necklace.


3. Cut-out leggings:

Now these are what I call “statement leggings.” Since they are so bold, all you need is to pair them with a laid-back tank top and matching cardigan. In this case, the diagonal print on the tank is reminiscent of the cut-outs on the bottoms. Also, wear ankle boots in order to show off the whole length of your legs.  


4. Pattern tights:

There’s just something about patterned tights that scream “sexy.” I layer them under a sophisticated pair of light khaki shorts. The black ruffled sweater corresponds to the femininity of the tights. Plaid open-toe slingbacks finish off the look.


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