Play up the tights

At the center of these outfits are a pair of delicate, super sexy patterned tights. They’re only $14.95 from H&M – rather cheap considering how many ways you can use these tights to spice up your outfit.

1. Rock chick:

Photo courtesy of

This dark grey, printed tank top sets the rock-chick tone for the whole look. It could be replaced by T-shirts and tank tops of any hue in the color spectrum, preferably neutrals like grey, black, white or brights like pink, yellow, green. The black gladiator heels really add to the boldness of the outfit. All of this playfulness is offset by a feminine half-sleeve cardigan with tie at the waist. There’s a lot of room at the wrist to pile up some bangles. I choose this necklace with bold, hard-looking pendants to add details to the neckline area. However, a long beaded necklace or a multi-chain necklace also works well.

2. Laidback & professional:

Photo courtesy of

The top for this look is just a simple black lean tank (Love this basic piece!). This open, asymmetrical hem cardigan comes in a neutral cream color. The shoes look bold and sexy. I accessorize with a slim belt and a unique-looking necklace from the same color palette as the cardigan.

3. Feminine & chic: 

Photo courtesy of

Last but not least, the lean black tank top is still used in this look. The classy cardigan is a shade of pale pink and the matching pumps are salmon. The focus of this outfit, however, is the multi-chain beaded necklace.


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